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Currently looking for investments or commercial partners?

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to engage with selected stakeholders.

The Go-to-Market Workshop, the introductory event of the Go-to-Market Launchpad, will start on 27th February 2020 in the framework of AAL2Buiness services, a support action funded by AAL programme.

This workshop is the opening event of the Go-to-Market Launchpad, a 2-month long course dedicated to growth stage AAL funded projects with a mature marketing strategy. Through targeted training and coaching activities, every steps of the Go-to-Market Launchpad aims to help AAL projects to catch the attention of different categories of investors. Participants will learn how to present a business value proposition in a clear and convincing way, being able to explain the potential of their business idea.

The course will involve a maximum of 10 AAL projects. We will consider eligible for the Go-to-Market Launchpad those projects that are in the last year of their activities and those ended within 1 year before the date of the application. AAL projects, which participated in the Lean Startup Academy and progressed at a mature stage will be considered eligible as well.

Click here to find more information and to register before 14th February 2020!