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AAL2Business support action provides various services targeted to different phases of AAL projects’ life-cycle. These services are provided free of charge and limited only to AAL projects and organizations that are participating to an AAL project.

Lean Start Up Academy


The Lean Startup Academy provides participants in AAL projects with a chance to increase their commercial traction and further their market success.

AAL projects will be guided by a business coach to identify their target market, use the best channels to reach them, choose a fitting value proposition and validate their business model by checking their assumptions against the market.

The Lean Startup Academy is a course spanning over 4 months and is geared towards projects that have just started or at the mid-term of their implementation. The Academy is composed of 3 face-to-face workshops and individual online coaching sessions lasting up to 8 hours each

Go-to-Market Launchpad


The Go-to-Market Launchpad is a course spanning over 2 months for AAL projects with a more mature or sound commercialization strategy, generally at the end of their implementation or already concluded.

The Go-to-Market Launchpad provides the project teams with dedicated training and coaching on how to present a business value proposition in a clear and convincing way and to catch the attention of different typologies of investors and/or potential customers and business partners.